Choosing a Digital 100 options broker

When picking a vendor of Digital 100 options, it’s easy to get distracted by promises of big sign-up bonuses or commercials that high-light a few select options with huge payouts. This is, of course, not the best way to go about selecting a Digital 100 option vendor if you want to be a profitable trader in the long run. Below, we have listed a few important points that are really good to keep in mind when comparing vendors. Hopefully, they can help you find the right vendor for you.

Option selectionig index

Does this vendor have the type of digital 100 options that you prefer? Check the available underlyings, option types, expiry times, etc to see if the selection is to your liking.

iq optionPayouts

Any vendor can throw in a few super high risk digital 100 options into their offering and promise a 700% payout on those, but how are the payouts for the average digital 100 option on this site? How do the payout levels look in relation to the risk levels? Do the payout levels fit your trading strategy?

Trade size

What does the cheapest digital 100 option cost?

If you have a small bankroll, risk management will be difficult if you sign up with a vendor that forces you to invest a huge part of your total bankroll in each individual purchase.

Commission and other fees

Are you paying commission and/or other fees to trade on this site?

Are there any fees that you have to pay even if (or only if) you make no trades for a while?

How is the site making money?


Will this vendor accept deposits and withdrawals using your favourite method?

What will it cost you to make deposits and withdrawals?

Are you allowed to make a certain number of withdrawals each month without paying any withdrawal fee?

How big is the smallest possible deposit? Make sure it’s not bigger than what you are comfortable trusting a new vendor with.

What type of identity evidence do you have to provide the vendor with to be allowed to make a withdrawal?

Trading platform

trading platform

  • Is the trading platform easy to use?
  • Does it work well on your preferred device or devices? (Computer, Android cell phone, iOS cell phone, surf pad, etc)
  • Does the tools work well on your preferred devices? Sometimes the trading itself works fine on a small cell phone screen, but the charting tools turns into gibberish.
  • Does it contain the tools you wish to use, e.g. tools for charting and technical analysis?
  • Will you be provided with free news service and other information within the platform?

Preferably try out the trading platform with a demo account (free play money account) before you sign up.


Where is the company based?

What jurisdiction will your trades and other dealings with the company fall under?

Is the company licensed for this type of service? Is it licensed with a reputable license giver?


Does this vendor have a good reputation among digital 100 option traders online?

All vendors will have a certain amount of disgruntled users, but how does this vendor compare to its competitors? And what is the nature of the complaints again it? There is a big difference between being blacklisted by its former license provider and having a few angry users complaining about the bonus withdrawal requirements.


  • How can you contact the customer support? Is you favourite method available? (Email, phone, call back service, live chat, etc.)
  • Do you have to pay for an expensive call to another country to get phone support? ‘
  • When is the customer support manned? Is this when you normally trade?
  • What or which languages can you get support in? Are you comfortable with using any of these languages?